Song of the Day #5,378: ‘Big Time Rush’ – Big Time Rush

This is the first Big Time Rush song featured on the blog in more than a decade. The previous entry also came on a Random Weekend.

At the time I praised the Nickelodeon TV show, which was a big hit with my kids (then 10 and 7). The show lasted only a few years but my now 20 and 17 year old daughters are still suckers for the band in a sweetly nostalgic way.

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Song of the Day #5,377: ‘Baby Seat’ – Barenaked Ladies

‘Baby Seat’ is a track from Barenaked Ladies’ 2000 album Maroon, their fifth record and the last to go platinum. The band had a pretty rapid decline following five straight hits between ’92 and ’00. They were a 90s act, through and through.

‘Baby Seat’ has an interesting lyric. The first verse and chorus seem to be about a woman who abandoned her child and hoped to sail through life without taking responsibility. Pretty straightforward.

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Song of the Day #5,370: ‘Never Again’ – Justin Timberlake

Last Sunday, I asked for thoughts on how to proceed with weekend posts as Random Weekends passes its 11th anniversary.

The consensus was nearly unanimous: a return to Ron Sexsmith Weekends. Stay tuned next week for a deep dive into his earlier, unreleased material.

All kidding aside, so far I’ve heard suggestions to keep things as they are, to serve up a ‘classic rewind’ feature, or to limit the random selections to new artists rather than music already in my collection.

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Song of the Day #5,364: ‘Dirty Little Secret’ – Sarah McLachlan

Today’s track is the third Random Weekend selection from Sarah McLachlan’s 2003 album Afterglow, and the first in more than nine years.

This album holds a special place in Random Weekend history because it contains the very first song featured as part of the series, way back on January 21, 2012.

That’s right, we’ve had more than 11 years of Random Weekends.

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Song of the Day #5,363: ‘This Is How We Do’ – Katy Perry

Today’s track is the fifth and final single from Katy Perry’s 2013 album Prism. It made it to #24 on the Billboard Hot 100, lower than the previous four (which included two #1 hits) but respectable nonetheless.

Prism was a bona fide smash, and the third straight Perry album to go multi-platinum. It was also, at least for now, the last major success of her career. She hasn’t had a song reach #1 since this album’s ‘Roar’ and ‘Dark Horse.’

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