Song of the Day #3,609: ‘God’s Plan’ – Drake

Yesterday I posted about Drake’s ‘Nice for What’ being the first #1 debut to replace a previous #1 debut by the same artist. Well, here’s Drake’s previous #1 debut — ‘God’s Plan,’ which is now at #3.

This was Drake’s second solo #1 (after ‘One Dance’). He previously hit the top spot twice in support of Rihanna, with ‘Work’ and ‘What’s My Name?’ He’s had 20 other Top 10 hits. Not bad for a Canadian.

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Song of the Day #3,608: ‘Nice for What’ – Drake

It’s high time for another installment of ‘What the Kids are Listening To,’ an occasional series in which I feature the songs currently topping Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

The current #1 is an unlikely title holder, and a song I featured on the blog just last week. Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America,’ propelled by its provocative video, earned the singer/actor his first whiff of the top ten, let alone the top spot. Previously, Gambino’s highest charter was ‘Redbone,’ which peaked at #12.

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Song of the Day #3,607: ‘Bitch’ – The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers is album three in one of the greatest four-album runs in music history.

It starts with 1968’s Beggar’s Banquet, then 1969’s Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers in 1971, and finally Exile On Main St. in 1972. Five years, four stone-cold classic albums featuring some of the most indelible rock music ever recorded.

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Song of the Day #3,606: ‘Rock Steady’ – Sting

Sting gets a bad rap for being both too middle-of-the-road and too pretentious. He has earned that criticism to a degree (the man released a lute album, for crying out loud!) but any sensible music fan would be silly to dismiss him.

Even setting aside his groundbreaking work with The Police, you need look no farther than his sophomore release, 1987’s …Nothing Like the Sun, for evidence of his greatness.

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Song of the Day #3,605: ‘Salton Sea’ – Josh Rouse

In this week’s Childish Gambino post, a commenter brought up the dilemma of having an under-appreciated favorite artist hit it big. You’re happy for his or her success, but you kind of liked being in on a secret.

I have two such favorite artists, both of whom I’ve adored for a decade and a half. And as much as I enjoy belonging to their exclusive fan bases, I have to say I’m ready for the world to give them the attention they deserve. One is Tift Merritt; the other is Josh Rouse.

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Song of the Day #3,604: ‘High Horse’ – Kacey Musgraves

Miranda Lambert is my country music queen, sitting high atop a pedestal, out of reach of most singer-songwriters both inside and outside of the genre. She’s untouchable.

But if she has an heir apparent, it could well be Kacey Musgraves, who just released Golden Hour, her third straight album of delightful country pop and appears to be on a similar critical and commercial trajectory.

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Song of the Day #3,603: ‘Make Me Feel ‘ – Janelle Monáe

Multi-hyphenate Janelle Monáe took five years off between albums, following 2013’s The Electric Lady, during which she exercised her acting chops in the Oscar-nominated films Hidden Figures and Moonlight.

Her third album, Dirty Computer, dropped in February and it was worth the wait. It’s filled with sexy funk and soul filtered through the ‘alien visiting Earth’ vibe she has honed since 2010’s The ArchAndroid. This time around it comes with a large helping of bisexuality, and an accompanying film that features Tessa Thompson as her lover. Alert next year’s Pulitzer Prize jury!

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