Song of the Day #409: ‘Someday We’ll Be Together’ – Diana Ross & The Supremes

supsomedayI’m bypassing a few of The Supremes’ other #1 hits — specifically, ‘Love is Here and Now You’re Gone,’ ‘Come See About Me’ and ‘The Happening’ — and finishing off the Motown series with today’s song, their final #1 single.

This is my 28th Motown song — 3 1/2 months’ worth. I hope you’ve enjoyed the exploration of some of the finest music America has ever produced. I know I have. I do like the idea of keeping a theme on the weekends, and I think I know what I’ll try next. Stay tuned.

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Song of the Day #408: ‘Love Child’ – Diana Ross & The Supremes

suplovechildOf all The Supremes’ #1 hits, this one strikes me as among the most interesting because of the way it reflects the changing dynamic in both the music industry and the band itself.

For one thing, note that the song is credited to Diana Ross & The Supremes, a name change that took place in 1967 and led to a growing rift within the group. Indeed, Florence Ballard left the band just a year later and was replaced by Cindy Birdsong. ‘Love Child’ was The Supremes’ first #1 single without Ballard, and the first under their new moniker.

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