Song of the Day #4,341: ‘Go Home’ – Barenaked Ladies

The 2000 album Maroon turned out to be peak Barenaked Ladies. At the time, the album felt like a more than worthy successor to the 1998 breakthrough album Stunt, and in my view, heralded many years of great material to come.

To be fair, the band’s next few albums contain their share of good songs. But signs of creative stagnation and tension within the band were already evident on 2003’s Everything to Everyone, the release immediately following this one.

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Song of the Day #4,040: ‘Too Little Too Late’ – Barenaked Ladies

Sometimes I kick myself for not keeping detailed records about my Song of the Day posts. If I could go back to Song of the Day #1 and keep a spreadsheet of every artist, song, theme, and so on, I would totally do it.

That would allow me to know, for example, where Barenaked Ladies stands in terms of Random Weekend appearances. Because I have to think they are way up there, if not at the very top.

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Song of the Day #2,196: ‘Never Do Anything’ – Barenaked Ladies

maroonHere’s a fun song from Barenaked Ladies’ fifth (and, one could argue, last great) album, Maroon. Their next three original studio albums were uneven and then Steven Page left the band, raising the question of whether a band minus its co-founder and lead singer should still be considered the same band.

Is Pink Floyd without Roger Waters Pink Floyd in anything but name? How about Journey without Steve Perry?

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Song of the Day #351: ‘Conventioneers’ – Barenaked Ladies

maroonTwo years after their success with Stunt, Barenaked Ladies released another album that reached platinum status in the U.S., 2000’s Maroon. The album follows the same template as Stunt, boasting tight production and a radio-friendly set of ballads and mid-tempo rockers. The first single, ‘Pinch Me,’ received a lot of airplay, though not nearly as much as ‘One Week.’

The song on Maroon I’ve always been most drawn to is ‘Conventioneers,’ a sordid tale of two co-workers who have an ill-advised affair while on a business trip. I love the combination of the very modern corporate hook-up story told against the backdrop of this old-fashioned jazz lounge music.

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