Song of the Day #5,378: ‘Big Time Rush’ – Big Time Rush

This is the first Big Time Rush song featured on the blog in more than a decade. The previous entry also came on a Random Weekend.

At the time I praised the Nickelodeon TV show, which was a big hit with my kids (then 10 and 7). The show lasted only a few years but my now 20 and 17 year old daughters are still suckers for the band in a sweetly nostalgic way.

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Song of the Day #1,499: ‘City is Ours’ – Big Time Rush

When I first started the Random Weekend series, I had visions of my kids’ music showing up week after week. Not just the songs they listen to these days (which are mostly by artists I listen to as well) but the artists they’ve listened to over the years.

Laurie Berkner, Raffi, The Wiggles… that sort of thing. Now, you may ask why I still have those albums in my iTunes library now that my daughters have moved on to other things, and that would be a very good question for which I don’t have a very good answer.

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