Song of the Day #4,580: ‘The Senator’s Daughter’ – Fountains of Wayne

Yesterday’s featured artist was a first-timer on the blog, but today’s is a grizzled veteran. This is the 24th Fountains of Wayne track given Song of the Day treatment, and the 10th to show up on Random Weekends.

‘The Senator’s Daughter’ is the closing track on 1999’s Utopia Parkway, an album I rank alongside Welcome Interstate Managers as the band’s best work. And as much as I love Interstate, with a gun to my head I’d probably go with this one.

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Song of the Day #4,579: ‘We’re Not Right’ – David Gray

When you’re on your 4,579th Song of the Day, it’s always a surprise to see an artist pop up who has not once earned a mention on the blog.

Such is the case for today’s featured artist, the British singer-songwriter David Gray. Gray earned international fame with the release of his 1998 album White Ladder, which featured the hit single ‘Babylon.’ Gray’s “folktronica” sound blended modern beats with acoustic folk songs and really hit a nerve in the late 90s.

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Song of the Day #4,573: ‘Bring on the Wonder’ – Sarah McLachlan

This song, the closing track of Sarah McLachlan’s 2010 album Laws of Illusion, is the only one on that album not written by McLachlan. It was originally penned and recorded by English singer-songwriter Susan Enan.

McLachlan sings backing vocals on Enan’s version, a piano/guitar ballad I prefer to the glossy remake on Laws of Illusion.

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Song of the Day #4,572: ‘God’s Golden Eyes’ – John Hiatt

This is the third Random Weekend selection from John Hiatt’s 2000 album Crossing Muddy Waters. It pops up about once every two years.

And each time I have the same reaction, which is to be really impressed by the songwriting and sound and pledge to do a deeper dive into Hiatt’s catalog.

Well, here I am in early 2021 having the same reaction. This time, I’m going to write down “John Hiatt deep dive” in my blog planning notes and hope to actually follow through.

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Song of the Day #4,566: ‘Hate to See You Like This’ – Fountains of Wayne

Fountains of Wayne’s fifth and final album, 2011’s Sky Full of Holes, is the one I know least. It’s nice, then, to see it pop up on a Random Weekend and treat me to a “new” song.

‘Hate to See You Like This’ is a sweet plea to a loved one who is suffering from depression. I like that the music is more power pop upbeat than you would expect from the lyrics.

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