Song of the Day #4,111: ‘Fidelity’ – Regina Spektor

The Random iTunes Fairy has a knack for sniffing out the hits. I’m always surprised that she seems to settle on the best-known tracks from an album when randomness would suggest the deeper cuts have a better chance of surfacing.

Regina Spektor’s 2006 album Begin to Hope produced one hit, its first song and lead-off single ‘Fidelity.’ In fact, this is the only Spektor song to ever chart in the U.S. And the Random iTunes Fairy targeted it like a guided missile.

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Song of the Day #2,042: ‘You’ve Got Time’ – Regina Spektor

orange_is_the_new_blackThe third show I’m writing about this week is another I’ve only recently started. Orange is the New Black is my first NetFlix Original series and it’s a blast.

Based on the memoir of writer Piper Kerman, the show details the prison life of an upper middle class New York WASP (renamed Piper Chapman) who is jailed for smuggling drug money for a lesbian girlfriend ten years earlier.

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