Song of the Day #4,972: ‘I Spy’ – Guster

Here’s a track from 1999’s Lost and Gone Forever, the third studio album by Boston-based indie rock band Guster.

This album was my introduction to Guster and I put it up there with follow-up Keep It Together as the best thing they’ve done.

On this album, the band was still sticking to its “no sticks” percussion philosophy, with drummer Brian Rosenworcel playing bongos and other instruments by hand.

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Song of the Day #4,493: ‘Homecoming King’ – Guster

Keep It Together is the fourth studio album by Boston-based alternative band Guster, and my #7 album of 2003.

After three records on which the band stuck to its signature sound of two acoustic guitars and a set of bongo drums, this album saw the trio introduce traditional drums and bass to the mix. While the move was met with skepticism by some fans, it resulted in their best album.

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Song of the Day #4,481: ‘The New Underground’ – Guster

This track from Guster’s 2006 album Ganging Up on the Sun is apparently about the G.W. Bush administration’s propaganda surrounding the war with Iraq.

That was a bad period in American politics, to be sure, but it’s hard to look back at any of the national crises pre-Trump and not think we were all completely oblivious to what a true Oval Office threat to American democracy would look like.

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Song of the Day #3,312: ‘Jesus & Mary’ – Guster

Every time I hear a Guster song, I like it. I own their five most recent studio albums (two earlier releases are out of print) and each of them is chock full of thoughtful, melodic pop.

Even the best acts release a bad song once in awhile, but these guys are remarkably consistent. They remind me of Ron Sexsmith in that way. You can always count on him (and them) to deliver, even if no particular song stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Solid, dependable. Like a well-made car.
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Song of the Day #3,215: ‘Gangway’ – Guster

Here’s a nice song from Guster’s 2015 album Evermotion. Guster is a band that just doesn’t seem to record bad music, even if I don’t fall in love with everything they do.

When this track popped up as today’s Random iTunes Selection, I didn’t know it. I haven’t listened to Evermotion much and this is a deeper cut. But I knew it would be a perfectly enjoyable song, with pleasant vocals and an easy groove. Because that describes every Guster song.

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