Song of the Day #5,364: ‘Dirty Little Secret’ – Sarah McLachlan

Today’s track is the third Random Weekend selection from Sarah McLachlan’s 2003 album Afterglow, and the first in more than nine years.

This album holds a special place in Random Weekend history because it contains the very first song featured as part of the series, way back on January 21, 2012.

That’s right, we’ve had more than 11 years of Random Weekends.

At the time, I had spent the first few years of the blog dedicating weekends to specific artists: Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Motown greats, Paul Simon, Brad Paisley, and Ron Sexsmith.

Some of those went over better than others. Ron Sexsmith, in particular, was met with quite the resistance by frequent readers. Occasional commenter Amy went so far as to try to launch counter-programming in the form of Reader Weekends, posting her own song of the day in the comments (to be fair, that was in response to my testy suggestion that I’d throw the reins to the commenters if they weren’t happy with my selections).

Frequent commenter Dana responded to Brad Paisley Weekends with an exasperated “Oh good lord! Bring back Sexsmith.”

All these memories have me wondering if I should put Random Weekends on hiatus after more than a decade and return to artist-specific posts. When I kicked these off, I regretted that my previous weekend selections were so male-dominated. Apart from some of the Motown posts, that sure was an onslaught of dudes.

So maybe Aimee Mann Weekends? Miranda Lambert? Lana Del Rey?

I’d suggest Joni Mitchell, but my deep dive covered her career better than a weekend series ever could. Same goes for Madonna.

Taylor Swift? Loretta Lynn? Dolly Parton? Aretha Franklin?

What do you think, dear readers? Should I change things up on the weekend or keep up the random posts? And if I do mix it up, who or what would you want to see featured?

If I had the chance, love
I would not hesitate
To tell you all the things I never said before
Don’t tell me it’s too late

‘Cause I’ve relied on my illusions
To keep me warm at night
But I denied in my capacity to love
I am willing to give up this fight

I’ve been up all night drinking
To drown my sorrow down
Nothing seems to help me since you went away
I’m so tired of this town

Where every tongue is wagging
When every back is turned
They’re telling secrets that should never be revealed
There’s nothing to be gained from this
But disaster

Here’s a good one
Did you hear about my friend
He’s embarrassed to be seen now
Because we…
All know his sins

If I had the chance, love
You know, I would not hesitate
To tell you all the things I never said before
Don’t tell me it’s too late

‘Cause I’ve relied on my illusions
To keep me warm at night
But I denied in my capacity to love
And I am willing to give up this fight
Oh, I am willing to give up this fight

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #5,364: ‘Dirty Little Secret’ – Sarah McLachlan

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Lol! I had forgotten how much passionate backlash there had been to your weekend themes before you started the award-winning, long-running Random iTunes Fairy (trademark pending) series.

    I am personally a fan of the random weekends, as it provides the widest array of possibilities – and if I am not a big fan of a particular song, I can be assuaged by knowing I won’t have to suffer (suffer may be a bit too strong) through months of a particular artist.

    If you did, however, want to change things up on the weekends, I had previously suggested (during the Sexsmith revolt) a classic rewind approach like 80’s nostalgia. It might also be fun, in honor of your 50th birthday, to do a rewind to whatever song was number one on the charts 50 years ago for the Saturday post and maybe 40 (or 30 or 25) years back for the Sunday post.

    My vote would definitely be against going back to specific artists for all of the reasons previously expressed during those controversial Sexsmith/Paisley dark days.

  2. Peg says:

    Congratulations on 11 years of random weekends! I enjoy random weekends and I think it gives you a chance to sit back and relax since you don’t have to think about what songs to choose only to comment on what the random fairy 🧚‍♀️ picks.

  3. Amy says:

    I guess the knock against Random iTunes weekend is that it limits you to songs in your library. What might the Random YouTube artist series look like? Watching a handful of other aspiring artists’ NPR “Tiny Desk” submissions recently, I was reminded of just how many talented songwriters are out there (such as occasional but loquacious commenter Daniel) who most of us never know.

    You could start with those submissions, I suppose, as they’re easily searchable and contain a wide variety of styles.

    I vote for a sample of new artists on the weekends.

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