Song of the Day #5,352: ‘Time’ – David Bowie

Continuing the countdown of my favorite 2022 movies…

Best Films of 2022
#9 – Everything Everywhere All at Once

When I first walked out of this magnificent film, almost exactly a year ago, I would have called you crazy if you told me it would be the front-runner for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

I’d point to its sci-fi premise, its kung-fu action scenes, its juvenile humor, its primarily Asian cast, and a dozen other attributes that make this wildly inventive movie the opposite of Oscar bait.

And yet here we are, a year later, on the verge of watching it take home the big prize. Even it goes home empty-handed, the fact that it led the field with 11 nominations in the first place is remarkable.

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Song of the Day #3,286: ‘Time’ – Ben Folds vs. The Beatles

Round Two of Montauk Madness comes to a close with a painful matchup for me, personally: The Beatles vs. Ben Folds.

The Beatles got here by unanimously toppling poor Shakira, while Folds bested The Smiths with a sizable 86% of the vote. Both of these acts have strong support among my readership. Continue reading

Song of the Day #2,729: ‘Time’ – Josh Rouse

josh_rouse_embers_timeBest Songs of 2015 – #13
‘Time’ – Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse has built a nice career through unorthodox means. Not many singer-songwriters head to Spain after their most successful album to learn a new language and start recording in it.

I don’t suspect that fame is a primary concern for Rouse. He just wants to make his music and earn enough from it to live and eat. He records for his own label and sells his albums primarily through his own and affiliated websites.

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Song of the Day #1,413: ‘Time’ – Pink Floyd

Best Albums of the 70s – #16
Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd (1973)

Pink Floyd is the quintessential 70s band but for me they will always represent the late 80s. That’s when I, along with my group of high school friends, obsessed over all of their albums the way teenage boys have for 40 years now.

Dark Side of the Moon is the band’s signature album, one that remained on the Billboard charts for a record 741 weeks. Its iconic cover art is familiar even to those who’ve never heard a note. And those who’ve heard it have likely fallen under its spell.

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Song of the Day #1,287: ‘Time’ – Sarah McLachlan

I’ve gone through seven different weekend series over the past two and a half years. Starting in May of 2009, I’ve featured (in order) Motown, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Ron Sexsmith, Brad Paisley and Paul Simon.

Faced with the need for a new weekend theme, my first thought was that I’d have to go with a woman. With the exception of about half of the Motown tracks, I’ve gone through 250+ weekend songs by men.

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