Song of the Day #5,027: ‘Dig It’ – The Beatles

I’ve always ranked The Beatles’ Let It Be in the lower half of their albums. That’s not saying too much, given the excellence of everything they released, but still, it’s never been a favorite.

I found a whole new appreciation for the album, however, after watching Peter Jackson’s Get Back mini-series, which documented the creation of Let It Be in fascinating detail. Now when I listen to it, I can picture the laughs, the fights, the creative chemistry that made The Beatles work.

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Song of the Day #4,971: ‘Your Mother Should Know’ – The Beatles

This is the third Random Weekend to feature The Beatles in this young year. Perhaps the Random iTunes Fairy heard my pledge to feature more Beatles songs and took on the mantle herself.

Today’s track, from 1967’s Magical Mystery Tour, is a fine example of just how great the band’s output is no matter how deep into their catalog you go. ‘Your Mother Should Know’ is a dancehall ditty written by Paul McCartney in a style his parents enjoyed.

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Song of the Day #4,951: ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ – The Beatles

I recently wrote that I’d like to feature more Beatles music this year, and I guess the Random iTunes Fairy was listening. Today she’s offering up the opening track of the band’s classic 1967 album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

While Pepper is an iconic release and one of The Beatles’ top-selling albums, it sits pretty low on my personal list. Of course, this being The Beatles, that means the album still features several all-time classic songs, including ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,’ ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ and ‘A Day in the Life.’

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Song of the Day #4,937: ‘Lady Madonna’ – The Beatles

Is there a band in music history with a better batting average than The Beatles? The Fab Four recorded under 200 songs (excluding covers) during their eight year career and you’d be hard-pressed to find 20 worth skipping on an extended playlist.

1968 B-side ‘The Inner Light,’ penned by George Harrison, might be among the throwaways, but its A-side, ‘Lady Madonna,’ certainly isn’t. This straightforward rocker was a return to the band’s roots after the Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour detours into psychedelia.

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Song of the Day #4,918: ‘Get Back (Live, partial)’ – The Beatles

Disney stripped me of my ability to post clips from Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary Get Back, but today I’ll list a few of the moments I was prepared to feature.

– Paul coming up with ‘Get Back’

This is the most talked-about moment in the series, because it so casually captures the birth of a classic song. Paul, George and Ringo are killing time waiting for John to arrive. Paul starts noodling away on his guitar until he stumbles onto the riff that would become the backbone of ‘Get Back.’

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