Song of the Day #3,396: ‘Never Been Done’ – Ron Sexsmith

These Random Weekend selections have a knack for making me feel old. Today’s track comes from Ron Sexsmith’s album Blue Boy, my introduction to him and probably my favorite of his albums (as introductory records often are). This album was released in 2001 — 16 years ago!

Is it really possible that I discovered Ron Sexsmith before I had my first child? For that matter, is it really possible that my first child is already driving?

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Song of the Day #3,261: ‘Love Shines’ – Ron Sexsmith

Narrowing the first round of Montauk Madness down to 64 artists was a difficult task, particularly when it came to the final dozen or so contestants. To make room for a sentimental favorite like Toad the Wet Sprocket, I have to leave out The Wallflowers, The Who, Walk the Moon, Wilo and The White Stripes. And those are just the W’s.

I made a lot of hard decisions like that, which I could argue either way. If I started over, I might have a whole different lineup of acts filling out the 50-64 slots.

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Song of the Day #2,464: ‘Lucky Penny’ – Ron Sexsmith

sexsmith_carousel_oneIn my post on Guster’s new album, I praised their willingness to stretch their sound and try new things. On the opposite side of that spectrum is Ron Sexsmith, who just released his 13th album (in 24 years).

Not much distinguishes Carousel One from the dozen albums that preceded it. It’s packed with smart, melodic pop that’s equal parts The Beatles and Elvis Costello. A winning formula, to be sure, and one Sexsmith has never abandoned.

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Song of the Day #2,396: ‘Life After a Broken Heart’ – Ron Sexsmith

forever_endeavourToday’s random iTunes selection is a nice ironic fit for Valentine’s Day.

An acoustic bonus track on Ron Sexsmith’s 2013 album Forever Endeavour, ‘Life After a Broken Heart’ is about getting over a break-up. It does hint at a new relationship — or maybe just the presence of a supportive friend — in its bridge and final verse.

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Song of the Day #2,153: ‘Not About to Lose’ – Ron Sexsmith

sexsmith_retrieverThe internet is funny.

On the YouTube clip of today’s Random Weekend SOTD, posted by some kind soul in September of 2009, a flame war broke out between somebody comparing Ron Sexsmith to Paul McCartney and a McCartney detractor.

It was a short battle, only a few posts long though it spanned a month. The Sexsmith fan accused his opponent of lacking “couth,” a nice touch.

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