Song of the Day #5,104: ‘Before the Light is Gone’ – Ron Sexsmith

Canadian singer-songwriter is nothing if not prolific. He has averaged a new album every year and a half over the course of his 27-year career.

Today’s random selection comes from his 13th studio release, 2015’s Carousel One. Perhaps no track better illustrates Sexsmith’s relentlessness as a songwriter than this one, which is about him not being able to leave the house because he’s too busy writing new songs.

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Song of the Day #4,685: ‘Lebanon, Tennessee’ – Ron Sexsmith

Today’s random iTunes selection is a cut from Ron Sexsmith’s 1995 major-label debut, a self-titled collection of sweetly melodic soft rock songs.

The Canadian Sexsmith had never been to Lebanon, Tennessee, when he wrote this track. He was working as a delivery man and overheard a co-worker saying a package had come “all the way from Lebanon, Tennessee.” Liking the juxtaposition of the city and state name, he turned it into a song.

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Song of the Day #4,510: ‘Is Anybody Going To San Antone’ – Ron Sexsmith

‘Is Anybody Going To San Antone’ is the closing track on Ron Sexsmith’s 2015 album Carousel One.

The song is a cover of a song released by country music singer Charley Pride in 1970. You can hear that version here.

Pride was a top-selling artist in the 70s. Over the course of his career, he scored 30 #1 Country hits and put 52 songs on the top 10.

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Song of the Day #4,356: ‘Gold in Them Hills (Remix)’ – Ron Sexsmith w/ Chris Martin

We have another chance for the Random iTunes Fairy to match a song to a milestone. Today is frequent commenter Dana’s birthday — Happy Birthday, Dana! — so he will have the chance to comment on a song chosen (randomly) just for him.

Let’s spin the dial…

Well, this is a rather funny outcome. This is a remixed version of a cut on Ron Sexsmith’s sixth studio album, 2002’s Cobblestone Runway. And I happen to have featured the original version already, so we have Dana’s first reaction on record.

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Song of the Day #4,325: ‘You Don’t Wanna Hear It’ – Ron Sexsmith

Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith quietly released his 17th studio album, titled Hermitage, in mid-April. He’s not exactly an artist who pairs up an album release with multiple talk show appearances and a stadium tour, so he probably didn’t think about postponing the record due to coronavirus.

His timing turns out to be pretty good, though, because Hermitage is a very upbeat, positive, sunny record. Sexsmith often leans toward the melancholy, but he’s equally adept at spinning out feather-light tunes with sugar-sweet melodies, and he’s in that mode here.

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