Song of the Day #2,153: ‘Not About to Lose’ – Ron Sexsmith

sexsmith_retrieverThe internet is funny.

On the YouTube clip of today’s Random Weekend SOTD, posted by some kind soul in September of 2009, a flame war broke out between somebody comparing Ron Sexsmith to Paul McCartney and a McCartney detractor.

It was a short battle, only a few posts long though it spanned a month. The Sexsmith fan accused his opponent of lacking “couth,” a nice touch.

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Song of the Day #1,066: ‘Tomorrow In Her Eyes’ – Ron Sexsmith

The nice thing about theme weekends is that it gives me a chance to revisit the albums of a favorite artist in chronological order, enjoying the evolution. Often an album I’d kind of lost track of over time will reemerge as a favorite.

That has been the case with Retriever, an understated Ron Sexsmith album that followed the more showy Blue Boy and Cobblestone Runway.

I lose this album in a blur of the other material Sexsmith released in later years because it doesn’t have as overt an identity as its predecessors.

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Song of the Day #1,065: ‘How On Earth’ – Ron Sexsmith

2004 saw the release of Ron Sexsmith’s seventh studio album, Retriever. This record wasn’t as showily produced as its predecessor, but did maintain the overall polish. Sexsmith was now consistently putting out albums that not only contained great songs but sounded great as well.

I realize that Ron Sexsmith Weekends aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. My meager audience would probably prefer any number of things to these posts. But I have to say, revisiting each of Sexsmith’s albums as I prepare my blog entries, he has grown even more in my estimation.

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