Song of the Day #4,230: ‘So Young’ – Ron Sexsmith

This April, Ron Sexsmith will release his 16th studio album, Hermitage. The Canadian singer-songwriter has been putting out new music at a pretty good clip for 30 years now.

I joined the bandwagon 19 years ago, when an online group of Elvis Costello fans steered me to his 2001 album Blue Boy. I fell hard for that record, and as often happens with introductory albums, it remains one of my favorites of his.

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Song of the Day #1,990: ‘At Different Times’ – Ron Sexsmith

sexsmith_other_songsI’ve run out of meaningful things to say about Ron Sexsmith, after posting dozens of his songs on the blog over the years.

Truth be told, I probably ran out of meaningful things to say about him five songs ago.

He’s awesome; I love his work; if you don’t have any of his albums you should remedy that as soon as possible. That about sums it up.

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Song of the Day #1,354: ‘Honest Mistake’ – Ron Sexsmith

Best Albums of the 90s – #18
Other Songs – Ron Sexsmith (1997)

Ron Sexsmith’s second studio album (and third album overall) was my first introduction to his work. I bought Other Songs after reading effusive praise by Elvis Costello and about 15 seconds into the first track I knew I’d found a new favorite.

Sexsmith would go on to record increasingly better produced records but the low-key, mostly acoustic Other Songs remains one of his very finest moments.

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Song of the Day #1,038: ‘Clown in Broad Daylight’ – Ron Sexsmith

Despite the playful implication of its title, Ron Sexsmith’s Other Songs was far from a sophomore slump. I’d rank it up there as one of his two or three best albums.

It features several beautiful little slices of life, such as ‘Pretty Little Cemetery,’ in which a father and son share a moment while walking through a cemetery on vacation, and ‘Strawberry Blonde,’ in which the singer spots a childhood crush on a bus years later.

I imagine today’s song came to Sexsmith all at once after spotting a clown in broad daylight at a car wash — an odd, incongruous image that made him smile. And he turned that into a couple of minutes of jaunty delight, adding in a horn part that’s appropriate to the circus theme.

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Song of the Day #1,037: ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – Ron Sexsmith

I’m not sure exactly when I was first introduced to Ron Sexsmith. I know it was thanks to Elvis Costello, who for years has trumpeted Sexsmith so effusively that he should be getting a cut of the man’s album sales. But I don’t recall the year or the album.

However, I remember buying Other Songs, Sexsmith’s second studio album, released in 1997, and figuring it would help me determine whether or not this guy was the real deal. And when the opening track, ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ poured out of my car stereo speakers, I became a fan for life.

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