Song of the Day #4,230: ‘So Young’ – Ron Sexsmith

This April, Ron Sexsmith will release his 16th studio album, Hermitage. The Canadian singer-songwriter has been putting out new music at a pretty good clip for 30 years now.

I joined the bandwagon 19 years ago, when an online group of Elvis Costello fans steered me to his 2001 album Blue Boy. I fell hard for that record, and as often happens with introductory albums, it remains one of my favorites of his.

An album that would give Blue Boy a run for its money is 1997’s Other Songs, Sexsmith’s second major-label release. Start to finish, that album features some of his best songs, all in the same sweet melancholy vein as today’s SOTD.

So young, so young at the start
So strong that it left its mark
Upon our hearts, so young

So strong, so strong we had no choice
We’re pulled along by the ancient voice
Of girls and boys, so young

It’s hard to believe that time can heal us all inside
And bring to life, these feelings that have died
Remembering the way we felt about each other
Love is like the rising sun, it’s in our eyes

So young, so young at the end
Of a long day that was spent
Just being friends, so young

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #4,230: ‘So Young’ – Ron Sexsmith

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Very cool, though not surprising, that a Costello online fan base led you to another of your favorite artists.

  2. willedare says:

    I only know a little of his work — such as his very dear and respectful song called something like “G-d Loves Everyone” — and am happy to learn/hear more about him and his work. Thank you!

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