Song of the Day #1,037: ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – Ron Sexsmith

I’m not sure exactly when I was first introduced to Ron Sexsmith. I know it was thanks to Elvis Costello, who for years has trumpeted Sexsmith so effusively that he should be getting a cut of the man’s album sales. But I don’t recall the year or the album.

However, I remember buying Other Songs, Sexsmith’s second studio album, released in 1997, and figuring it would help me determine whether or not this guy was the real deal. And when the opening track, ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ poured out of my car stereo speakers, I became a fan for life.

I’m not sure what it is about this song, but it always stops me in my tracks. It’s just so simple and lovely, with subtle production and a melody so sweet you want to use it to sing a baby to sleep.

Thinking out loud is all I’m doing
Trying to raise my love above these ruins
With each song, I kick it around

My love, I can tell there’s a load on your mind
If we poured ourselves like this bottle of wine
And let it flow we’ll figure it out
Thinking out loud

But it’s hard to think with all the racket going on
Inside our heads
All this worrying’s getting us nowhere
Let’s go somewhere instead

Just thinking out loud, is it all we’re good for
Trying to raise our love but always falling short
Heaven knows what it’s all about
Thinking out loud

With each song I kick it around
Thinking out loud

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,037: ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – Ron Sexsmith

  1. Dana says:

    You know, I was going to mention this last weekend, but, is it just me, or does Sexsmith have a Jackson Browne quality to his voice and, at times, style?

    Very lovely song.

  2. Clay says:

    I do hear it in this song, though it hadn’t occurred to me before.

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