Song of the Day #3,705: ‘West Gwillimbury’ – Ron Sexsmith

This weekend has offered up one of those weird coincidences that come with true randomness.

Here we have a Beck song followed by a Ron Sexsmith song. The last time I’ve blogged about either of those artists was in November of 2017, when I posted a Beck song followed by a Sexsmith song. I won’t bother calculating the odds but they have to be pretty damn high.

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Song of the Day #3,430: ‘Evergreen’ – Ron Sexsmith

Yesterday’s featured artist, Beck, has never made two albums that sound alike. Today’s has never made two that sound different.

If you played songs from all of Ron Sexsmith’s 14 albums on random (and I’ve done this), you would have a hard time differentiating the tunes on his 1991 debut from those on this year’s The Last Rider, let alone the dozen in between.

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