Song of the Day #3,957: ‘The Morning Light’ – Ron Sexsmith

I recently made playlists for each of my daughters, filled with songs I expected (and hoped) they would like. They have different musical sweet spots, overlapping with my own and a little bit with each other.

My younger daughter, Fiona, shares my love for gentle, melancholy songs. Aimee Mann, Simon & Garfunkel, that sort of thing. So I knew she’d be a perfect audience for my beloved Ron Sexsmith, who has made a career out of those kinds of songs.

I chose ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ one of his most gorgeous ballads, and sure enough, she fell in love with it. That’s my girl.

Here’s another pretty Sexsmith track, from 2013’s Forever Endeavour. Maybe fodder for a future playlist.

Pleasant dreams my love
‘Til we both wake up
And the sunbeam finds us lying
In the morning light

Where will we go
When it’s time to go
Will we turn to dust and climb
In the morning light

From our dreams at night
We are torn
But in the morning light
We’re reborn

And when our time’s at hand
Will I find you again
By a thread we hold on tight
Until we’re torn from life

But for the grace of love
We are here
And though the answer hangs above
Like a tear

Let us sleep on it
Let us dream on it
‘Til the sunbeam finds us lying
In the morning light

Until we rise and shine
In the morning light

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,957: ‘The Morning Light’ – Ron Sexsmith

  1. Peg says:

    I am a fan of those gentle and melancholy songs too Fiona ❤️

  2. Dana Gallup says:

    A little bit goes a long way with me and these melancholy songs, but it’s wonderful to share music with your children.

    We just took Daniel to see the indigo Girls last night. He had passing familiarity with just a few songs, but, by the end of the night, he had declared them musical geniuses, being particularly impressed with Emily’s lyrics and guitar abilities. He has vowed to listen to their first few albums in their entirety. So, another fan has emerged in our family.

    • Peg says:

      That’s wonderful Dana

    • Clay says:

      That’s great. He’s especially in for a treat with their self-titled album. I’d tell him to start there and then skip to Rites of Passage (a little bit of the IG goes a long way for me).

      • Dana Gallup says:

        Much like I feel about Amie Mann and Ron Sexsmith😄 They played some less familiar newer songs including a solo effort by Amy and a few from an album coming out. They were all very good.

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