Song of the Day #3,957: ‘The Morning Light’ – Ron Sexsmith

I recently made playlists for each of my daughters, filled with songs I expected (and hoped) they would like. They have different musical sweet spots, overlapping with my own and a little bit with each other.

My younger daughter, Fiona, shares my love for gentle, melancholy songs. Aimee Mann, Simon & Garfunkel, that sort of thing. So I knew she’d be a perfect audience for my beloved Ron Sexsmith, who has made a career out of those kinds of songs.

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Song of the Day #2,396: ‘Life After a Broken Heart’ – Ron Sexsmith

forever_endeavourToday’s random iTunes selection is a nice ironic fit for Valentine’s Day.

An acoustic bonus track on Ron Sexsmith’s 2013 album Forever Endeavour, ‘Life After a Broken Heart’ is about getting over a break-up. It does hint at a new relationship — or maybe just the presence of a supportive friend — in its bridge and final verse.

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Song of the Day #1,964: ‘Nowhere Is’ – Ron Sexsmith

forever_endeavourBest Songs of 2013 – #24

Ron Sexsmith’s most impressive quality is his knack for writing melodies that sound instantly familiar.

Every once in awhile I freak myself out with the thought that we really shouldn’t ever hear any new songs, because haven’t all the available combinations of notes (the ones that sound good, anyway) been taken by now?

But then I remember having the same thought 25 years ago, and all of the great music that’s been written since argues against that theory.

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Song of the Day #1,953: ‘Snake Road’ – Ron Sexsmith

forever_endeavourAlmost all of the albums I’m writing about over the next couple of weeks were purchased during the past month — some as recently as a day or two ago.

The lone exception is today’s features record — Ron Sexsmith’s Forever Endeavour — which I bought all the way back in February.

In fact, this was the first new album I picked up in 2013.

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