Song of the Day #3,329: ‘Girl (Live)’ – Elvis Costello vs. The Beatles

Our second Final Four matchup is a battle of London lads: Elvis Costello vs. The Beatles.

A nice connection here, as Costello has been a die-hard Beatles fan since he was nine years old and 27 years later teamed up with Paul McCartney to write an excellent batch of songs that both men released on future albums.

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Song of the Day #485: ‘Penny Lane’ – The Beatles

pennylaneThis weekend I’m highlighting one of the best one-two punches in music history, a pair of songs released on a “double-A-sided” single that are among the best The Beatles ever recorded.

Today’s track comes courtesy of Paul McCartney. ‘Penny Lane’ is his remembrance of a street in Liverpool, where he and John grew up. I don’t know if the fireman, banker, barber and nurse were actual people Paul encountered as a lad or inventions for this song, but he certainly paints a lovely picture.

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