Song of the Day #942: ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’ – Dan Hardin

I first discovered Dan Hardin during a theme week on amateur musicians who post their performances on YouTube. He played a version of Lucinda Williams’ ‘Lake Charles’ that simply bowled me over.

His unassuming manner, gentle vocals and intricate guitar work make him kind of addictive to watch, and it doesn’t hurt that he has excellent taste in music, performing covers by some of my favorite artists and never the most obvious songs. I said in my original post that I’m kind of gay for this guy, and I stand by that statement.

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Song of the Day #208: ‘Lake Charles’ – danielhassixstrings

danielsixIt takes some guts to post your version of a bona fide classic. But if you do it as good as this guy has with Lucinda Williams’ ‘Lake Charles,’ why the hell not?

I love what he’s done with the vocals… his Nick Drake-like whispering, delicate delivery is a fascinating counterpoint to Williams’ rugged and bluesy performance. And he has sped up some lines, swallowed others, to take something familiar and make it just new enough.

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