Song of the Day #3,337: ‘Come Together’ – Bob Dylan vs. The Beatles

Now that we know the first and second place winners of Montauk Madness, today’s runner-up matchup will decide who gets the bronze medal: Bob Dylan or The Beatles?

This pairing was the one considered inevitable by many readers, and indeed it’s the championship battle I arrived at when running through the brackets myself. It pits the most celebrated solo artist in history against the most celebrated band.

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Song of the Day #548: ‘Come Together’ – The Beatles

This weekend marks my 39th and 40th Beatles Weekend selections… five months of the Fab Four. And upon reaching that milestone, I’m going to give the boys a rest and shift my attention to another weekend theme. You’ll find out what that is one week from today.

For the final Beatles Weekend, I’m focusing on their final album, Abbey Road. Certainly one of their finest moments on record, Abbey Road features a combination of their heaviest (‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’), silliest (‘Octopus’s Garden’) and most enduring (‘Here Comes the Sun,’ ‘Something’) songs.

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