Song of the Day #1,050: ‘Losing You’ – Randy Newman

If Randy Newman fans hoped Bad Love would be the first in a long string of new releases, they were sorely disappointed. It was a full nine years before Newman released another studio album, 2008’s Harps and Angels.

Harps and Angels picks up pretty much where Bad Love left off, mixing sarcastic talking blues tracks with gorgeous piano-and-strings ballads. It also provided Newman with his first opportunity to comment on the Bush era, and his ‘A Few Words in Defense of Our Country‘ did the job quite well (“the leaders we have, while they’re the worst that we’ve had, are hardly the worst this poor world has seen”).

Harps and Angels closes with a stunner of a love song, ‘Feels Like Home,’ but I’ve already featured it on the blog so it won’t make an appearance today.

Fortunately Newman didn’t stop there. ‘Losing You’ is a lovely ballad about a loss, inspired by a story Newman heard about two concentration camp survivors who lost their son to disease. The parents told the doctor that they’d lost their whole families in the war, but they’d had their whole lives to get over it. But this latest tragedy was too fresh… they wouldn’t live long enough to ever recover from it.

Newman’s song could be about a death or the severing of a relationship (I’d always assumed the latter until I heard him describe its origins). Either way, it’s something only a man of Newman’s age (nearly 70) could write this effectively, because it is infused with the hard-earned wisdom of experience.

Was a fool with my money
And I lost every dime
And the sun stopped shining
And it rained all the time
It did set me back some
But I made it through
But I’ll never get over losing you

Do you know how much you mean to me?
Should’ve told you ’cause it’s true
I’d get over losing anything
But I’ll never get over losing you

When you’re young
And there’s time
You forget the past
You don’t think that you will
But you do
But I know that I don’t have time enough
And I’ll never get over losing you

I’ve been cold
I’ve been hungry
But not for awhile
I guess most of my dreams have come true
With it all here around me
No peace do I find
‘Cause I’ll never get over losing you
No, I’ll never get over losing you


One thought on “Song of the Day #1,050: ‘Losing You’ – Randy Newman

  1. Dana says:

    Wow, i also assumed it was a breakup song as well.

    Anyway, beautiful song from another great album. I suppose we can look forward to his next one around 2018.

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