Song of the Day #4,328: ‘Wish You Were Here’ – Ryan Adams

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom, who I haven’t had a chance to hug in a couple of months now. I hope that changes soon.

And Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely wife, who along with our two daughters has made this extended quarantine something special. I’m going to look back on this time fondly, especially when my older daughter leaves for college (coronavirus willing) later this year and we miss the chance to see her all day every day.

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Song of the Day #2,131: ‘Wish You Were Here (Live)’ – David Gilmour

wish_you_were_hereFor my final selection of favorite songs, I’m travelling back (once again) to high school.

It’s no surprise that so many of the songs I’ve featured over the past three weeks come from my adolescence. I’ll be curious to see if the same holds true for my readers’ lists (which I expect you to post in the comments!).

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Song of the Day #65: ‘Wish You Were Here’ – Pink Floyd

I believe every high school boy goes through a Pink Floyd phase. Maybe that’s not the case anymore, but when I was in high school (late 80s) they were all the rage.

I listened to The Wall on headphones over and over again, marveling at the way the groupie moved from one side of my head to the other as she walked through Pink’s hotel room (“Wanna take a baaath?”). I listened to monotonous 17-minute epics like ‘Echoes’ and ‘Dogs’ with a straight face. I set my CD player to wake me up with the cacophony of alarm clocks at the beginning of Dark Side of the Moon‘s ‘Time.’

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