Song of the Day #5,256: ‘Yeah!’ – Usher feat. Lil Jon, Ludacris

My blind spot for R&B music emerges again as I consider Usher’s 2004 album Confessions, a massive hit with which I have almost zero familiarity.

This album, the singer-songwriter’s fourth, was the sixth best-selling album of the entire 2000s in the U.S. and produced four #1 singles. You’d think those songs would instantly ring a bell for somebody who was in his early 20s and an avid music listener at the time.

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Song of the Day #2,435: ‘I Don’t Mind’ – Usher feat. Juicy J

usher_I_dont_mindRounding out Billboard’s top ten is Taylor Swift (again) with ‘Blank Space,’ the hit that keeps on giving.

In the 11th spot is Usher (and Juicy J) with ‘I Don’t Mind.’

This is a slow jam ballad performed with great conviction from the perspective of a man dating a stripper. If it’s a joke, it’s played completely straight.

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Song of the Day #738: ‘OMG’ – Usher featuring

Usher is a famous artist with whom I’m only tangentially familiar, probably because he releases the sort of music that makes for big summer hits. I think of him as the black Justin Timberlake (though maybe Justin Timberlake is the white Usher… which of these guys came first?).

Usher’s latest hit, ‘OMG,’ is a collaboration with and I’m guessing it owes more to than to Usher. He brings his brand of corporate techno-funk to everything he touches and my first listen to this song suggests it’s no exception.

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