Song of the Day #2,435: ‘I Don’t Mind’ – Usher feat. Juicy J

usher_I_dont_mindRounding out Billboard’s top ten is Taylor Swift (again) with ‘Blank Space,’ the hit that keeps on giving.

In the 11th spot is Usher (and Juicy J) with ‘I Don’t Mind.’

This is a slow jam ballad performed with great conviction from the perspective of a man dating a stripper. If it’s a joke, it’s played completely straight.

These lyrics are the very definition of romance, especially this tender couplet: “Your body rock and your booty poppin’, I’m proud to call you my bitch.”

That pride is evident throughout.

[Intro: Usher]
Ursher, baby
This is for the A

[Hook: Usher]
Shawty, I don’t mind
If you dance on a pole, that don’t make you a ho
Shawty, I don’t mind
When you work until three, if you’re leaving with me
Go make that money, money, money
Your money, money, money
Cause I know how it is, go and handle your biz
And get that money, money, money
Your money, money, money
You can take off your clothes, long as you coming home
Girl, I don’t mind

[Verse 1: Usher]
The ballers in here tonight, they gon’ buy a hundred bottles
As soon as you shake it I know they gon’ make it colossal in here
Cause shawty you thinkin’ them tricks that you do with your body
Got all of these niggas they crowding around you like they seen Beyonce in here
You want your own and you need your own, baby, who am I to judge?
Cause how could I ever trip about it when I met you in the club?
I make enough for the both of us, but you dance anyway
You know I was raised in the A

[Hook: Usher]

[Verse 2: Usher]
When you get off of work I’ll be ready to go in the ‘Rari
And when we get home we’ll have us our own private party in here
So I don’t worry at all about the things they do or say
I love you anyway
You can twerk while in a split, you racking up them tips
Your body rock and your booty poppin’, I’m proud to call you my bitch
They be lookin’, but they can’t touch you, shawty, I’m the only one to get it
So just go ahead and keep doing what you doing

[Hook: Usher]

[Verse 3: Juicy J]
(It’s ya boy, Juicy J)
I’m just tryna cut her up, tryna bust a nut
Tryna take somebody bitch, turn her to a slut
Tryna fill my cup, tryna live it up
Throw some hundreds on that ass, walk her out the club
(Yeah, ho) Lap dance for the first date
Bet I threw a few bands, that’s third base
It’s okay if you work late
We can still party like it’s your birthday
We can still party hard in your birthday suit
Knock that pussy out the park like my name Babe Ruth
Shawty she just want a tip, I just want to see her strip
If you fuck me like you love me shawty you might get rich
Have her own cake, her own place
Blow her own gas, no Rolaid
When we in the bed she like to roleplay
Tell her friend to join in both ways

[Hook: Usher]

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,435: ‘I Don’t Mind’ – Usher feat. Juicy J

  1. Shawn says:

    Guess I couldn’t believe this was a hit of some sort so I looked it up. Its number 16 but it’s still so unbelievable. The lesson for any songwriter is never ever edit yourself. Alas, I would never write down an idea like this. Honestly, though, the song did evoke memories of an ex sister in law. At the time it is my understanding she always went home to my brother.

  2. Dana says:

    Aw, how romantic!😜

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