Song of the Day #4,379: ‘Debonair’ – The Afghan Whigs

This one was a disappointment. I don’t know much about the Ohio-based Afghan Whigs, but I have their 1998 album 1965 and really like it. It’s a muscular blend of soul and rock that hits on all cylinders.

So when I saw that 1993 was the release year of the band’s most celebrated album, Gentlemen, I was excited. Here was a chance to dive deeper into a band that had grabbed my interest already with a “lesser” work.

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Song of the Day #2,188: ‘Neglekted’ – The Afghan Whigs

1965The Afghan Whigs’ 1965 is one of the sexiest albums I own, not just because its overall sound and feel is sexy (which it is, in spades) but because many of its songs are actively about sex.

Take today’s Random SOTD, ‘Neglekted,’ which to my untrained literary eye appears to be about a woman requesting a specific sex act.

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Song of the Day #476: ‘Uptown Again’ – The Afghan Whigs

1965The Afghan Whigs were a band that came and went in the 90s without much fanfare. They received a lot of critical acclaim for the six albums they released over a 10-year period from 1988 to 1998 but never really broke through the way some of their contemporaries did. Their sound was heavily influenced by R&B classics, with front man Greg Dulli swaggering around like a modern-day Mick Jagger.

Dulli is a doughy white boy who carries on like a real Casanova. Whether his sex-drenched egomaniac persona is an act or the real deal, I don’t know. One track on the 1965 album purportedly features the moans of a woman having sex with Dulli but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a performance. The Beatles weren’t on a real yellow submarine, either.

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