Song of the Day #4,379: ‘Debonair’ – The Afghan Whigs

This one was a disappointment. I don’t know much about the Ohio-based Afghan Whigs, but I have their 1998 album 1965 and really like it. It’s a muscular blend of soul and rock that hits on all cylinders.

So when I saw that 1993 was the release year of the band’s most celebrated album, Gentlemen, I was excited. Here was a chance to dive deeper into a band that had grabbed my interest already with a “lesser” work.

Unfortunately, Gentlemen lacks the nuance and texture of 1965. It’s a much louder, more aggressive album. And while that may work for most fans and critics, it doesn’t work for me.

Even today’s track, the band’s most successful single, doesn’t sound as radio-friendly as any cut on 1965.

Nevertheless, Gentlemen remains the band’s highest-selling album, and their best received. It landed at #17 for the year on Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop poll. They can keep it.

Hear me now and don’t forget
I’m not the man my actions would suggest
A little boy, I’m tied to you
I fell apart
That’s what I always do

This ain’t about regret
My conscience can’t be found
This time I won’t repent
Somebody’s going down

Feel it now and don’t resist
This time the anger’s better than the kiss
I must admit when so inclined
I tend to lose it than confront my mind

‘Cause it don’t bleed and it don’t breathe
It’s locked its jaws and now it’s swallowing
It’s in our heart
It’s in our head
It’s in our love
Baby it’s in our bed

Tonight I go to hell
For what I’ve done to you
This ain’t about regret
It’s when I tell the truth

And once again the monster speaks
Reveals his face and searches for release
A little boy is tied to you
Attracted only ’til it comes unglued


Tonight I go to hell
For what I’ve done to you
This ain’t about regret

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,379: ‘Debonair’ – The Afghan Whigs

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I’ve heard of the band, but I do t think I know any of their songs. Sounds like I’m not missing all that much.

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