Song of the Day #2,188: ‘Neglekted’ – The Afghan Whigs

1965The Afghan Whigs’ 1965 is one of the sexiest albums I own, not just because its overall sound and feel is sexy (which it is, in spades) but because many of its songs are actively about sex.

Take today’s Random SOTD, ‘Neglekted,’ which to my untrained literary eye appears to be about a woman requesting a specific sex act.

Whether the song’s latter half is about drugs, sex or one as a metaphor for the other, I’m not sure, but I do know that it’s one of the very few songs in my music library to mine this territory.

I knew a girl, extraordinary
Suggested something, unsanitary
As I asked her for a moment
To consider her kind offer
She blew a kiss and said to me…

I know you know
You want it so
I want it too, so see it through
‘Cuz when I do what I’m gonna do to you
Make sure you remember my name

You know it’s true
I want it too
I know you know, so make it so
‘Cuz when I do what I’m gonna do to you
You’ll never ever, ever…

Intoxicated, by your aggression
I offer you my one possession
You can fuck my body, baby
But pleeze, don’t fuck my mind

Get you high, girl, come with me
Take a ride in search of ecstasy
I wanna roll with ya, I wanna roll
I feel you now, I never knew
You were so sad, I’ll make it up to you
‘Cuz I feel you now
I feel you now…

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,188: ‘Neglekted’ – The Afghan Whigs

  1. Dana says:

    As the Church Lady said, “Well, well, well….isn’t that just…oh what’s the word I’m looking for….SPECIAL! I suggest Mr. Whigs consider washing his unsanitary little potty mouth out with soap!”

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