Song of the Day #476: ‘Uptown Again’ – The Afghan Whigs

1965The Afghan Whigs were a band that came and went in the 90s without much fanfare. They received a lot of critical acclaim for the six albums they released over a 10-year period from 1988 to 1998 but never really broke through the way some of their contemporaries did. Their sound was heavily influenced by R&B classics, with front man Greg Dulli swaggering around like a modern-day Mick Jagger.

Dulli is a doughy white boy who carries on like a real Casanova. Whether his sex-drenched egomaniac persona is an act or the real deal, I don’t know. One track on the 1965 album purportedly features the moans of a woman having sex with Dulli but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a performance. The Beatles weren’t on a real yellow submarine, either.

1965 is the only Afghan Whigs album I own and it’s a great one. Dulli’s sexy-scary vocals are perfectly complimented by a tight rhythm section and, in the case of today’s Song of the Day, ‘Uptown Again,’ some kickass strings. This is one of those albums that hits the spot when you’re in a certain mood… a little pissed off and a little turned on.

Uptown again
Nobody home
Feelin’ surrounded
Should never left me on my own

Remember nothing, hypnotize
They say the eyes they never lie
Your eyes have failed you dear, deny
Deny, deny I know you’ll try

Baby, untie me now
I’m ready to get down
Get down and move around
Baby, you cry too much
I’m tired of the sound
Yer such a baby

Uptown again
Throw me a bone
Feelin’ surrounded
I’ve never done so well alone

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #476: ‘Uptown Again’ – The Afghan Whigs

  1. Amy says:

    Yeah, I can’t imagine ever being in the right mood to enjoy that song 🙂 Still, I thank you for putting a band I have never heard of on my radar. I will have to try listening to this song at some other point than 6:00 in the morning over a cup of coffee, cause it just does NOT work at this time of the morning 🙂

  2. Dana says:

    Gotta agree with Amy on this one. I guess I’m also never pissed off or turned on enough to be in the mood for this.

    I generally am not a big fan of songs that maintain a steady stream of “noise” without interruption. Here, the rhythm guitar continues so unceasingly, it doesn’t really allow you to appreciate the vocals or the rhythm section. For me, it sounds as if I’m trying to listen to a song while a 747 is flying overhead.

  3. Clay says:

    I don’t think I’m a fan of uninterrupted noise either (who would be??) but I love the vibe of this song. I wonder how much the initial reactions to this or any Song of the Day are subject to unfamiliarity… I know that it usually takes me several listens to any song to really hear it. But maybe I’m just slow. 🙂

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