Song of the Day #3,748: ‘Sidekick’ – Walk the Moon

The other day, my daughters and I were talking about one-hit wonders, specifically the idea that some one-hit wonders must have started out with a lot of long-term potential.

When A-Ha had a huge hit with ‘Take On Me,’ their fans probably thought the band would enjoy international success for years to come. And in Europe, they did have a strong run of several Gold albums. But 33 years later, can anybody reading this blog name another A-Ha song without using Google?

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Song of the Day #3,564: ‘Portugal’ – Walk the Moon

After a month-long hiatus, please welcome back Random iTunes Weekends! Now that I’ve switched to a streaming service, the idea of randomly pulling from my meager iTunes library seems a bit quaint, but we’re still looking at more than 13,000 songs.

Even if I could figure out how to pull a random song from the millions accessible through Amazon Music, I don’t think I’d be happy with the results. And I like that Random iTunes Weekends give a little glimpse of where my interests lie.

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Song of the Day #2,541: ‘Work This Body’ – WALK THE MOON

walk_the_moon_talking_is_hardWhile this year’s new releases have been a bit underwhelming, I did manage to discover one album I really love — a record released in mid-2014 that has picked up steam this summer due to its infectious lead single.

That album is WALK THE MOON’s Talking is Hard, a modern pop juggernaut packed with 12 inventive, hummable gems. The one you’ve no doubt heard is ‘Shut Up and Dance’ but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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