Song of the Day #2,480: ‘Sunday Morning’ – No Doubt

no_doubtNo Doubt was one of the great 90s bands, and their Tragic Kingdom one of the great 90s albums.

I didn’t really follow the group much past this record, but it’s impressive to see Gwen Stefani looking even more gorgeous two decades later. Honestly, it’s hard to differentiate the woman in this 1995 video from the woman who coached on the last season of The Voice.

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Song of the Day #1,109: ‘Sunday Morning’ – Maroon 5

My next batch of posts won’t be as timely as they would have been a few weeks back, but I’ve wanted to do a series of posts related to the NBC show The Voice, so better late than never. This week I’ll feature songs by each of the four coaches and next week I’ll highlight music by the contestants.

The Voice is the first of the millennium’s many talent-based reality shows that I’ve watched, and the reason it appealed to me more than the American Idols and America’s Got Talents of the world is its use of coaches as opposed to judges.

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