Song of the Day #2,324: ‘Help Me’ – DaNica Shirey

danica_shireyOne of my favorites in this year’s competition is the only remaining woman, DaNica Shirey.

Note: As I write this, I’m unaware of who was sent home this week (and will remain so until I return from a business trip on Friday). So I will not be reading any blog comments until after I’ve caught up. But if Shirey was eliminated on Tuesday, I’d be shocked.

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Song of the Day #2,322: ‘Chandelier’ – Jean Kelley

jean_kelleyI’m writing these posts a few days before the next episodes of The Voice, meaning two more people will have been sent home before the week is through.

For that reason, I’m not aiming to feature my favorite remaining contestants, or turn this theme week into a prediction of the final four. I will close out the week with performances by two of the strongest contenders, but today and tomorrow I’m featuring singers who have already packed their bags.

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