Song of the Day #2,484: ‘Summer of ’69’ – Bryan Adams

byran_adamsRyan Adams went 12 years without playing a Bryan Adams song in concert, but I can’t say I’ve done any better. I’m coming up on seven years of Song of the Day posts and I’ve yet to feature a Bryan Adams song.

So today I’ll remedy that by posting the same song Ryan Adams played at his recent concert, and certainly Bryan’s best track, ‘Summer of ’69.’

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Song of the Day #2,483: ‘Summer of ’69 (Live)’ – Ryan Adams

ryan_adams_summerThe Ryan Adams ‘Summer of ’69’ incident is not as storied as Bob Dylan’s “Judas!” moment, but in the annals of moderately famous alt-country singer-songwriters, it’s reasonably well-known.

Playing at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville 12 years ago, Ryan Adams was heckled by a concertgoer repeatedly asking him to play ‘Summer of ’69,’ which is of course a Bryan Adams song.

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