Song of the Day #1,524: ‘Statue Song’ – Stew

Stew (stage name of Mark Stewart) is another of those oddball artists who don’t really fit well into any of my musical genome categories.

Both as a solo artist and with his band The Negro Problem, Stew has explored jazz, punk, avant garde and cabaret. He has written a couple of musicals, one of which (Passing Strange) became both a Tony-winning Broadway play and a Spike Lee movie. He’s really unlike anybody else I listen to.

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Song of the Day #934: ‘Tomorrow Gone’ – Stew

In 2003, Stew released his third “solo” album, Something Deeper Than These Changes. This was the album that introduced me to him, just in time for him to not release another studio record for the next eight years. Fortunately I had the back catalog I’ve just finished exploring to occupy my time.

After this album, Stew turned his attention to writing and performing in an off-Broadway show titled Passing Strange, which received excellent reviews and was eventually filmed by Spike Lee. The soundtrack to the play culls from several of his previous albums and includes new material as well.

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Song of the Day #205: ‘The Sun I Always Wanted’ – Stew

stew21I’ve always disliked Valentine’s Day. It’s the ultimate commercial holiday, designed to do nothing more than sell flowers and candy. Fortunately my wife feels the same way.

And yet, two of the most significant moments in our lives took place on February 14. The first was our engagement. I asked Alex to marry me on Valentine’s Day of 1996, coincidentally for the most part. We had bought the engagement ring a few days earlier and had planned to dine out that night, so I dropped on one knee during a stroll on South Beach and popped the question.

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