Song of the Day #934: ‘Tomorrow Gone’ – Stew

In 2003, Stew released his third “solo” album, Something Deeper Than These Changes. This was the album that introduced me to him, just in time for him to not release another studio record for the next eight years. Fortunately I had the back catalog I’ve just finished exploring to occupy my time.

After this album, Stew turned his attention to writing and performing in an off-Broadway show titled Passing Strange, which received excellent reviews and was eventually filmed by Spike Lee. The soundtrack to the play culls from several of his previous albums and includes new material as well.

But as far as proper albums go, Something Deeper Than These Changes has been it for nearly a decade. This is a quiet, introspective album, the most minimalist record Stew has made yet, and one of the best.

The album does suffer in spots from needless repetition, such as in the track ‘Mind the Noose and Fare Thee Well,’ in which the background singers repeat that phrase ad nauseum. But elsewhere it contains some of Stew’s most inspired and emotional songwriting.

One of my favorites is ‘Tomorrow Gone,’ a sweet song about members of a band getting a glimpse of “normal” lives but realizing they’re happier on the road. In addition to painting a very neat picture of these various circumstances, this song contains some excellent one-liners: specifically, “you ain’t gotta be ignorant to want some bliss” and “you live the dream to make it true.” I love those lines, especially as performed here.

Brother, you’re happy, strange but true
And laughter looks real good on you

Children are napping
The house is quiet
A silence too rare to be true

Brother, it’s happening
Malls and balls and picturesque views
But if it’s all the same to you
I’m glad to be… tomorrow gone

Drummer is drinking in a village pub
He’s thinking, yes sir, I could live like this

Settle with someone
Embrace the humdrum
You ain’t gotta be ignorant to want some bliss

But well before midnight
The pub just shut up and he did too
Fear came in waves and shades of blue
He’s glad to be… tomorrow gone

Brother, we’re happy, we own our world
We bought it cheap, the price of dues

Constantly laughing
Through stress and storm
Guess it’s the norm, what can you do

Brother, it’s easy
You live the dream to make it true
And if it’s all the same to you
I’m glad to be… tomorrow gone

Thanks for the offer, it’s all quite grand
But you could bruise this guitar hand

And do tell your daughter
Next time we’re through
We’ll bring a big unruly band

I’m lining my coffer with setlists and herbal tea
That’s when it all occurred to me
I’m glad to be… tomorrow gone

Tomorrow gone

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #934: ‘Tomorrow Gone’ – Stew

  1. Dana says:

    another good one. Now are we done with the Stew theme?:)

  2. Clay says:


    I think the world can handle seven songs in nine days by a criminally under-appreciated singer-songwriter!

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