Song of the Day #4,356: ‘Gold in Them Hills (Remix)’ – Ron Sexsmith w/ Chris Martin

We have another chance for the Random iTunes Fairy to match a song to a milestone. Today is frequent commenter Dana’s birthday — Happy Birthday, Dana! — so he will have the chance to comment on a song chosen (randomly) just for him.

Let’s spin the dial…

Well, this is a rather funny outcome. This is a remixed version of a cut on Ron Sexsmith’s sixth studio album, 2002’s Cobblestone Runway. And I happen to have featured the original version already, so we have Dana’s first reaction on record.

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Song of the Day #1,828: ‘Gold in Them Hills’ – Ron Sexsmith

cobblestone_runwayAfter dominating this blog in 2011 during the controversial Ron Sexsmith Weekends, Canadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith made only three appearances in 2012. And here we are, more than halfway through 2013 when he makes his first appearance this year.

Today’s track is probably best known (to the extent that anything Ron Sexsmith does is known) because a second version was released on which Sexsmith duets with Coldplay’s Chris Martin. I’ve even seen the song posted online as a Coldplay tune featuring Ron Sexsmith (silly Coldplay fans!).

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