Song of the Day #1,999: ‘Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)’ – Oscar Isaac

inside_llewyn_davisBeyoncé aside, I did a pretty good job of avoiding any late-year surprises in the music world. But just last week I had one of my most sublime musical experiences of the year in a movie theater.

Recently I was asked, during a business meeting of all things, for the name of my favorite filmmaker. That’s the kind of question a guy like me needs a week and a series of spreadsheets to answer, but that wasn’t an option. I had to go with my gut, and my gut said “The Coen Brothers.”

I suspect a week and a series of spreadsheets would have arrived at the same conclusion.

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Song of the Day #1,519: ‘Dink’s Song’ – Bob Dylan

Volume 7 of Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series is the companion soundtrack to Martin Scorsese’s excellent Dylan documentary No Direction Home.

The album, like the film, traces Dylan’s development as an artist from his earliest days through his electric phase, culminating with the famous “Royal Albert Hall” concert where an angry fan yelled out “Judas!”

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