Song of the Day #1,156: ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ – Brad Paisley (with Blake Shelton)

As I write this, I’m in the middle of a game of concert chicken with StubHub in the hopes of seeing Brad Paisley live today. Paisley is playing my city, with Blake Shelton opening, but he’s chosen a venue I hate and the prices are way too steep.

I’m not big on concerts. They’re expensive and uncomfortable and often less enjoyable than the same music heard on record. I don’t want to hear drawn-out jams, I don’t want to wait until 8:45 for a show that was supposed to start at 8. But at the same time, a good concert can be a transcendent communal experience if you’re willing to put up with all that other stuff.

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Song of the Day #1,113: ‘Crazy’ – ‘The Voice’ Coaches

The four coaches of The Voice — Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green — are perhaps the unlikeliest quarter to ever share a stage.

And the truth is, they didn’t always click in the several performances they gave to open or close episodes of the show. The result was about as disjointed as you’d expect it to be.

But this performance, of Cee-Lo’s big hit ‘Crazy’ (which he recorded as part of Gnarls Barkley) was a case where the four coaches really meshed.

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Song of the Day #1,112: ‘Hillbilly Bone’ – Blake Shelton

Ah, Blake Shelton… the cute, mischievous southern gentleman who charmed the socks off of everybody who got within 100 yards of The Voice. As talented as Dia Frampton is, I have no doubt that she made it to second place in large part because Shelton was her coach.

Prior to the show, I knew Blake Shelton primarily as Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend (and then husband). And liking her as much as I do, I knew any man worthy of her would have to be pretty special. I’d also seen him co-host a country awards show in his typical charming fashion.

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