Song of the Day #2,464: ‘Lucky Penny’ – Ron Sexsmith

sexsmith_carousel_oneIn my post on Guster’s new album, I praised their willingness to stretch their sound and try new things. On the opposite side of that spectrum is Ron Sexsmith, who just released his 13th album (in 24 years).

Not much distinguishes Carousel One from the dozen albums that preceded it. It’s packed with smart, melodic pop that’s equal parts The Beatles and Elvis Costello. A winning formula, to be sure, and one Sexsmith has never abandoned.

But a side effect of such consistency is that it’s sometimes hard to get excited about one album over another.

The album I consider Sexsmith’s best, Blue Boy, was his fourth studio record. My guess is it stands out for me as much because of where it fell in his timeline as for its music. By then he was a known quantity for me but a fresh one, so the anticipation for a new album was high. I bet if you swapped in any of his next ten albums for that one, I would have been equally high on it.

Ten solid, interchangeable albums later, though, and I start to lose focus. Ask me to name two songs off of Destination Unknown, Time Being, Exit Strategy of the Soul or Forever Endeavour and I’ll fail miserably. Play me two songs from each, however, and I’ll probably love them.

It’s a weird conundrum that comes from being very good for a very long time in very much the same way.

All that said, Carousel One is the album I like best of all the recent releases I’ve mentioned this week. It’s lush and rich and packed with sweet melodies and smart lyrics. Every track is a winner.

In short, it’s another Ron Sexsmith record.

Seems like you’ve been dining on the remains of the day
But with a song in mind I am sure the DJ is bound to play
A song for Sunday drivers who, like us, could use some kind of sign
She my lucky penny
When I ain’t got a lousy dime

Well she’s the one beside me when the world ain’t on my side
I need a love to hide me when there’s nowhere left to hide
No matter how I try I find myself down on my luck sometimes
She my lucky penny
When I ain’t got a lousy dime

She’s my silver and gold
She got a hold of me that lingers
When that sliver of hope
Been pulled out of my finger

She my lucky penny
When I ain’t got a lousy dime

Tried to give up the ghost
It’s that old ennui that lingers
Go from pillar to post
Slip beneath that rose within her

See the sunlight shining on the remains of the day
Keep a song in my love, to the tear stains on the way
A song for two hitchhikers who, like us, could use a lift sometimes
She my lucky penny
When I ain’t got a lousy dime
I bet my bottom dollar
When I ain’t got a lousy dime

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,464: ‘Lucky Penny’ – Ron Sexsmith

  1. Dana says:

    I think it’s that “sameness” quality of his music that keeps me from feeling a desire to delve into his catalogue in more depth. I’m perfectly content to hear and enjoy a Sexsmith song when you feature it or when it randomly pops up in my own iTunes collection, but that’s really the extent of it.

  2. pegclifton says:

    Sweet lyrics but it’s not a song I would listen to on a regular basis

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