Song of the Day #2,463: ‘Simple Machine’ – Guster

guster_evermotionLike yesterday’s featured artist, Josh Rouse, Guster is a moderately popular indie act that has quietly amassed an impressive discography. The band’s new album, Evermotion, is their seventh.

This record finds them a god distance, sonically, from their early work even as the songwriting sticks to the same tried and true folk pop formula. Guster’s calling card in the late 90s was acoustic guitars and stick-free percussion, a very lo-fi organic vibe. Evermotion, in contrast, is synth-heavy — almost distractingly so in some cases.

More and more current releases are reaching back to the 80s New Wave sound, and generally I like the trend. I’d rather see a band like Guster branch out and expand their sonic palette with moderate success than have them put out seven interchangeable albums.

One of the joys of music fandom is watching artists stretch and experiment. The best never end up where they started but never lose sight of it either.

Static, steady, plastic motions
Lights flash, beating, almost breathing

I’ll never find my way back
I’ll never find my way back home

Empty, hollow, spit and swallowed
Preachers preaching, courage ceded


So just forget about me, I will get by on myself
I’m not a simple machine, I have become something else


Wise up, scarecrow, this is treason
Coal eyes see it, straw heart beating




Ever after, I get further
Who will still be waiting?
Ever after, it gets further
I can feel you fading


One thought on “Song of the Day #2,463: ‘Simple Machine’ – Guster

  1. Dana says:

    I generally enjoy Guster’s sound and this song and your review of the album have me curious to hear more.

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