Song of the Day #3,646: ‘You’re a Big Girl Now’ – My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket has covered Prince more than any other act, in part because ‘Purple Rain’ is a staple in their live shows and in part because they did many tributes to His Purple Highness following his death.

Second to Prince among MMJ live covers is Bob Dylan, whose songs both famous and obscure have found their way into setlists. But the band has recorded Dylan songs in the studio setting as well.

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Song of the Day #651: ‘You’re a Big Girl Now’ – Bob Dylan

Blood on the Tracks is, obviously, the fifth member of my Dylan Six — the six Dylan albums I consider his true untouchable masterpieces.

(On a side note, every time I write Dylan Six I’m reminded of the Dylan Four in Battlestar Galactica… the four crew members who discovered they were actually Cylons after being triggered by the words and music of ‘All Along the Watchtower.’ Geek detour concluded. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.)

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