Song of the Day #5,368: ‘Shades of Cool’ – Lana Del Rey

Though her first album was a big hit both commercially and critically, Lana Del Rey was often the target of sexist attacks and questions about her authenticity.

Detractors suggested she was a pre-packaged studio product, apparently unable to accept that a woman could look like a model and be a great songwriter. Some critics even jumped on the fact that she had changed her name as evidence of some deception, presumably without lobbing the same attack at Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder or any number of modern pop stars.

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Song of the Day #2,374: ‘Fucked My Way Up to the Top’ – Lana Del Rey


Best Songs of 2014 – #6
‘Fucked My Way Up to the Top’ – Lana Del Rey

2014 was the year I suddenly understood Lana Del Rey. I had observed her from afar, largely through the prism of controversy (the ridiculed SNL performance, attacks over her “invented” persona), but I’d never taken the time to listen to her music.

When her new album, Ultraviolence, was released to lavish critical acclaim, I figured it was time to dive in. And what I discovered — both on that record and her debut, Born to Die — is a complex, challenging performer with razor-sharp artistic instincts.

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Song of the Day #2,297: ‘Old Money’ – Lana Del Rey


Best Albums of the 10s So Far
#18 – Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

Three artists placed two albums on my list of the top 20 records of the decade so far, and Lana Del Rey nearly joined their ranks.

Both her debut Born to Die and this year’s Ultraviolence made a strong case for landing on the list, but in the end I went only with the moodier sophomore effort.

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Song of the Day #2,254: ‘Brooklyn Baby’ – Lana Del Rey

lana_del_rey_ultraviolenceI wrote about Lana Del Rey’s new album, Ultraviolence, about a month ago, and in that post I declared that I finally understood her appeal.

I’ve listened to the album many times since and my admiration has only deepened. It’s definitely music for a certain mood, but it’s a mood I gravitate toward — you guessed it… melancholy.

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Song of the Day #2,226: ‘Ultraviolence’ – Lana Del Rey

lana_del_rey_ultraviolenceAfter a fairly long drought when it comes to new music, I recently picked up four new albums that have received a lot of high praise. I’ll feature a song from each the rest of this week.

I didn’t “get” Lana Del Rey until the third time I listened to her new album, Ultraviolence. And during that third listen, I got her completely.

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