Song of the Day #4,849: ‘This Time Tomorrow’ – Brandi Carlile

Continuing my track-by-track presentation of Brandi Carlile’s In These Silent Days

Third track ‘This Time Tomorrow’ is a simple acoustic number making lovely use of three-party harmony by Carlile and her two bandmates, twins Tim and Phil Hanseroth.

Carlile and the twins have seven children between them, and this song was written to help those children deal with their parents’ eventual deaths. As Carlile put it, “we were basically creating a family heirloom for the seven, for the kids that, pray to God, are going to outlive us by a margin.”

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Song of the Day #194: ‘This Time Tomorrow’ – The Kinks

kinksSo I’m looking up the lyrics to today’s song, The Kinks’ ‘This Time Tomorrow,’ on, one of my favorite sites for such things. The site invites readers to post interpretations of the lyrics and often the comments are quite astute.

And right at the top of the ‘This Time Tomorrow’ thread is the following comment from a person calling himself Jason Bourne:

i bet a bunch of n00bs will comment on this once Darjeeling Limited comes out.

Bite me, Jason Bourne.

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