Song of the Day #3,627: ‘Incredible Machine’ – Sugarland

I really enjoyed Sugarland’s 2008 album Love on the Inside, probably more than I should have.

Honestly, I’m kind of afraid to revisit it. Will I react to my 2008 musical self the way I cringe when I see old photographs? Why on earth did I wear my hair so long? Why on earth did I listen to this?

Or maybe I’d still dig it.

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Song of the Day #2,115: ‘Stuck Like Glue’ – Sugarland

sugarland2I was really into Sugarland for the span of one album.

That record was 2008’s Love On the Inside, and it remains a solid and entertaining effort from start to finish.

But the band’s follow-up record, The Incredible Machine, was a bit of a train wreck. And as far as I know, that was the last time anybody heard from them.

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