Song of the Day #4,208: ‘Incredible Machine (Interlude)’ – Sugarland

To paraphrase what old Ben Kenobi once said about the name “Obi Wan”: Sugarland… Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

Today’s track is a short callback to the title cut on the band’s 2010 album Incredible Machine. It is sung by Kristian Bush, while the longer version (like most of the band’s songs) is sung by Jennifer Nettles.

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Song of the Day #3,627: ‘Incredible Machine’ – Sugarland

I really enjoyed Sugarland’s 2008 album Love on the Inside, probably more than I should have.

Honestly, I’m kind of afraid to revisit it. Will I react to my 2008 musical self the way I cringe when I see old photographs? Why on earth did I wear my hair so long? Why on earth did I listen to this?

Or maybe I’d still dig it.

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Song of the Day #1,140: ‘Little Miss’ – Sugarland

Sugarland’s 2010 Incredible Machine is an album I never got around to ranking or reviewing, primarily because I never got around to listening to it more than twice.

The band’s 2008 album, Love On the Inside, was a breath of fresh air that really made an impact. This was one of the rare country albums that I took to before I drank the Brad Paisley Kool-Aid a year or so later.

Love On the Inside is full of charm, wit and spirit. Kristian Bush, half of the under-appreciated Billy Pilgrim, brought some of that band’s sound to his work with Jennifer Nettles, and Nettles’ brassy twang suited the collection splendidly. The album deservedly put Sugarland on a superstar pedestal.

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