Song of the Day #3,627: ‘Incredible Machine’ – Sugarland

I really enjoyed Sugarland’s 2008 album Love on the Inside, probably more than I should have.

Honestly, I’m kind of afraid to revisit it. Will I react to my 2008 musical self the way I cringe when I see old photographs? Why on earth did I wear my hair so long? Why on earth did I listen to this?

Or maybe I’d still dig it.

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Song of the Day #2,115: ‘Stuck Like Glue’ – Sugarland

sugarland2I was really into Sugarland for the span of one album.

That record was 2008’s Love On the Inside, and it remains a solid and entertaining effort from start to finish.

But the band’s follow-up record, The Incredible Machine, was a bit of a train wreck. And as far as I know, that was the last time anybody heard from them.

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Song of the Day #1,140: ‘Little Miss’ – Sugarland

Sugarland’s 2010 Incredible Machine is an album I never got around to ranking or reviewing, primarily because I never got around to listening to it more than twice.

The band’s 2008 album, Love On the Inside, was a breath of fresh air that really made an impact. This was one of the rare country albums that I took to before I drank the Brad Paisley Kool-Aid a year or so later.

Love On the Inside is full of charm, wit and spirit. Kristian Bush, half of the under-appreciated Billy Pilgrim, brought some of that band’s sound to his work with Jennifer Nettles, and Nettles’ brassy twang suited the collection splendidly. The album deservedly put Sugarland on a superstar pedestal.

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Song of the Day #160: ‘What I’d Give’ – Sugarland

sugarland2This song doesn’t have any particular meaning for Alex and me — in fact, today is probably the first time she’s ever heard it. But I find it to be such an effective expression of romantic longing that I felt it would fit in nicely this week.

This is the second “country” song of the week (country in that it is performed by a country act, though the song itself probably owes more to the blues). Throw in the Dylan song, which has been covered by plenty of country stars, and a bit of a trend is emerging.

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Song of the Day #85: ‘Already Gone’ – Sugarland

I’ve already written a bit about Sugarland on this blog, both in reviewing their latest album and appreciating how good lead singer Jennifer Nettles looks wearing a hat and suspenders, so it’s about time I showed them some love in the Song of the Day series.

The album Love On the Inside is my happiest surprise so far this year. I picked it up because I’d read a lot of good things about it, and about the group in general, but I didn’t expect to love it half as much as I do.

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Sugarland – Love On the Inside

I always rejected the sterotypical country music genre, the crying-in-my-boots Garth Brooks and Toby Keith kind of thing. But I’ve realized over the past ten years or so that it really is just a stereotype, and there’s a wide variety of country music as good as anything else I listen to.

It probably started with Lyle Lovett, who is certainly many things, but a country music singer is very high on the list. And it branched out from there to include k.d. lang, The Dixie Chicks, Loretta Lynn, Ryan Adams, Neko Case, Tift Merritt, Lucinda Williams and on and on. Some of those artists are more “country” than others, but they all prove how effective the genre can be.

My latest country success story is Sugarland, a duo who are currently lighting up both country and pop charts with their new album Love on the Inside and its first single ‘All I Want To Do.’

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