Song of the Day #4,748: ‘Tears of Rage’ – The Band

In a nice bit of Random Weekend serendipity, today’s 4th of July selection starts with the line “We carried you in our arms on Independence Day.” Funny how things work out sometimes.

‘Tears of Rage’ has shown up as on Random Weekends once before, only then it was the version performed by Bob Dylan on The Basement Tapes. As I wrote back then, Dylan wrote this song with The Band’s Richard Manuel.

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Song of the Day #3,592: ‘Sign On the Cross’ – Bob Dylan & The Band

Of all the Bob Dylan Bootleg Series releases, volume 11 (The Basement Tapes Complete) is definitely the most impressive.

Spanning six discs and 138 tracks, this volume contains all of the unreleased tracks recorded by Dylan and The Band in the basement of a house called Big Pink between May and October of 1967.

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Song of the Day #3,369: ‘Tears of Rage’ – Bob Dylan

A nice Random Weekend selection today from Bob Dylan’s album The Basement Tapes, which was released in 1975 but largely recorded in 1966. Dylan was backed by members of The Band on many of these songs, which were recorded in various homes in Woodstock, New York.

‘Tears of Rage,’ the closing track of Disc One, was written by Dylan and Richard Manuel. It is widely interpreted as an indictment of American materialism in the aftermath of the Vietnam war.

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Song of the Day #2,550: ‘Johnny Todd’ – Bob Dylan & The Band

basement_tapesThis Random Weekend selection is a very special dedication to my sainted mother, who turns 70 today.

My extended family will be celebrating this milestone over the next two weeks on cruise around the northeastern U.S. and into Canada, so I’ll be lining up some appropriate tunes to mark the time through the end of July.

Random Weekends will proceed as usual, of course. Now let’s spin the wheel and see what iTunes serves up to mark my dear mother’s birthday.

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