Song of the Day #3,892: ‘Jeremy’ – Pearl Jam

Nirvana is the grunge act that receives most of the credit for popularizing the genre, but fellow Seattle band Pearl Jam was just as successful and influential. The band’s 1991 debut, Ten, is neck-and-neck with Nevermind in terms of domestic album sales, both topping 10 million.

I love several tracks on Ten, including ‘Black,’ ‘Evenflow,’ ‘Alive’ and today’s SOTD, hit single ‘Jeremy.’ The rest of the cuts are either a little too loud, a little too meandering, or both.

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Song of the Day #817: ‘Black’ – Pearl Jam

Top Ten Male Vocalists – #6 – Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder is the one artist on this list whose music I don’t own or listen to, which I suppose makes his appearance here all the more impressive. If I was actually a fan, he’d no doubt crack the top five.

Let me rephrase. It’s not that I’m not a fan of Vedder, or Pearl Jam, but that they just aren’t really on my radar at all. They were, once upon a time, but they’ve since fallen off and I haven’t given them much thought since. But that doesn’t keep me from really loving Eddie Vedder’s voice.

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